Encouraging Signs In Theatre Internship Programs

American Theatre had some encouraging news about a trend to improve summer theatre internship programs.¬† The need for this was seen last year as interns and other staff were walking off the job at some of the most prestigious gigs in the country.¬† A number of theatres are focused on making the experience more accessible, … Read more

How Much More Tolerance Left For Crushing Summer Internship As Career Starter

When I was an undergraduate, and even after I graduated college, I applied to work at the Williamstown Theater Festival, one of the most prestigious summer theaters in the country. Recent reporting makes me think I may have dodged a bullet when I wasn’t accepted. You may have seen that back in July, the sound … Read more

Possible Setback In Push To Eliminate Unpaid Internships

Just before Christmas Non-Profit Quarterly called attention to a situation of some concern. Recently the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) overturned an administrative law judge’s ruling and determined that employees were not protected when they advocated for non-employees. In this particular case, it was employees of Amnesty International¬† signing a petition supporting paying unpaid interns … Read more

So You Are Saying An Intern Isn’t Supposed To Improve Productivity?

I was really excited today when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the headline, “Diversity organisation celebrates placing 1000th paid intern.” The concept that some entity was able to secure PAID internships for over 1000 people in creative field was amazing to me. I was a little disappointed upon realizing moments later … Read more