Telling The Story Of Your Overhead

Our friends at the Non-Profit Happy Hour Facebook group shared the Furniture Bank’s Charity Overhead Manifesto. In the post, the Furniture Bank talks about how much damage resistance to covering overhead can do to their programs. We have heard many of these arguments before, but Furniture Bank takes the next necessary step of humanizing and … Read more

Overhead By Any Other Name

FastCoExist recently continued its discussion about how a poor view of non-profit overhead cost is limiting the good such organizations can do by offering some “rebranding” suggestions in order to help change perceptions. As an illustration of how the concept that non-profits must restrict their overhead cost is a severe impediment toward doing good, they … Read more

Overhead Funding May Not Be Expanding, But The Conversation Is

Something I had meant to mention in my post yesterday was that Priceonomics’ admiration of Yerba Buena’s Dream House Raffle sounded very similar to fund raising philosophy espoused by Dan Pallotta. Said Priceonomics, There is something admirable about Yerba Buena’s Dream House Raffle. Every nonprofit spends a lot of time conducting and worrying about fundraising, … Read more

Removing Overhead Ratio As A Measure Is Not Enough

On Non-Profit Quarterly Claire Knowlton wrote a piece advocating for moving past a focus on overhead costs and direct program expenses in favor of full funding of non-profits by foundations. (Or at least recognition of full costs incurred by a non-profit.) She seems to start from the premise that programs undertaken are essentially jobs non-profits … Read more

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