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Butts In the Seats

Musings on practical solutions for arts management

  • Earlier this month a piece on The Conversation site called attention to the often unseen contributions roadies make to the success of festivals, concerts, and theatrical tours.  There is often a lot written about the artists performing, but scant content […]
  • Thinking that free or discounted tickets will increase accessibility and loyalty is something of a pet peeve of mine. Yesterday I commented on a post Sean Kelly of Vatic made on LinkedIn where he noted that people who didn’t want […]


Holly mulcahy on the future of classical music

Double Bass Blog

jason heath on double bass news and resources

  • This post is a profile of RJ Washington, a young double bass player, discussing his journey, influences, challenges, practice routine, favorite pieces, balance between music and life, advice for aspiring musicians, and future goals. The post Young Bassist Profile: RJ […]
  • David discusses the pitfalls of forcing sound production in music, emphasizes the importance of trusting one's instincts over questionable choices, and announces the end of his regular "Fractal Fridays" posts as live performances and in-person instruction resume. The post (Don’t) […]

non divisi

frank almond writes a column instead of practicing

  • My friends know I’m a huge fan of Seth Godin, the author, entrepreneur, and teacher. He also happens to have the most popular blog in the world (seriously, google the single word “Seth”). One of his recent posts really got my […]
  • People say weird stuff during a pandemic. You read them here first. Or probably not. Great! It’s probably just a few weeks off from the orchestra. No way they will cancel next season.  I thought PPP was a virus. Wait, […]


practical tips, tricks, and pointers for getting things done as an arts manager

  • What is the difference between campaigning, lobbying, and advocating for a certain policy position and on which of them, if any, should a nonprofit arts organization spend time and resources? As always, consult an attorney for legal advice, an auditor […]
  • I found Eric Rubio’s review of the 2024 SphinxConnect conference remarkably helpful and it inspired me to do the same for the conferences I attend. But one twist is where Erik was an attendee, my perspective is from a vendor. […]

Retired Blogs

Although these blogs no longer generate new content, their complete article archives will be made available indefinitely.



  • After 18 years, 10 months, 17 days, and 4,821 posts it’s time to wrap things up. I was listening to the original Broadway cast recording of Hamilton and the track One Last Time came on. If you’re unfamiliar with the […]

Sticks and Drones

Two conductors, on the beat

  • Well, it’s happened. You’ve squandered another perfectly good practice session by reading this blog. The good news is that it’s the last time you’re going to be able to blame me for missing that F sharp 9 diminished arpeggio, because we’re […]

There’s Always Room For Cello

The official blog of cellist Lynn Harrell

  • Henri Dutilleux has died. His work as a musician and composer is, and like Stravinsky, will remain a pinnacle of accomplishment from our time; and given how long his creativity lasted, it is fair to say his achievements span multiple […]

Who’s Your Audience

Doug Rosenthal on the Arts and Industry of Classical Music

  • Anyone in the Classical Music Industry, or anyone connected to folks in the industry, has likely seen this widely-read article by classical tenor Zach Finkelstein on their social media newsfeeds. In a time when future paychecks for many in the […]

Scanning The Dial

Joe Goetz on Classical Music Broadcasting

  • I want to start this blog by recounting a story, and one that admittedly doesn’t portray me in the greatest possible light.  In the winter of 2018, I was made aware of a national hosting opportunity at APM/PRI’s Classical 24.  […]

Brian Dickie

Life after 50 years in opera

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