A Pandemic Survey

Like many musicians now, I’m incredibly busy with important issues like waking up, etc. So about a week ago I asked some friends (musicians or not) how they were spending their quarantine time, or what their current projects/goals were. Apologies if yours was not included in the list below, but please feel free to add in the comment section. learn to play the violin learn to play another instrument, or at least the basics of viola. give Zoom lessons after a few weeks of learning an instrument. post something on social media … Continue Reading

A War Story

Fortunately, I’ve never been in a “real” war. I’ve thought about that a lot over the years, especially during my time at Juilliard interacting with various musicians and teachers who’d really been through it, some barely escaping and somehow not only surviving, but flourishing as artists in the aftermath of some horror. Now here we are.

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The luxury of opportunity.

Most of you probably saw this news by now. I’m excited to embark on a number of different projects (and expand some already existing), starting very soon. In the meantime, if you happen to be in the area please check out the film here, and our next FM concerts featuring Adam Neiman and Nicholas Canellakis. Many thanks to all of you for the continued support and enthusiasm!  


What if every music school or “conservatory” emphasized what’s really happening out there now as part of their basic teaching curriculum, instead of what was happening 15 years ago? – “classical” musicians are no longer limited to an orchestra, solo, or chamber music career.  – because of technology and all the platforms available to convey your own idea, project, or concept, nobody can hold you back. – that whatever you do in the arts can make a huge difference in any community, not just “big” cities or markets. It just depends on … Continue Reading