The luxury of opportunity.

Most of you probably saw this news by now. I’m excited to embark on a number of different projects (and expand some already existing), starting very soon. In the meantime, if you happen to be in the area please check out the film here, and our next FM concerts featuring Adam Neiman and Nicholas Canellakis. Many thanks to all of you for the continued support and enthusiasm!  


What if every music school or “conservatory” emphasized what’s really happening out there now as part of their basic teaching curriculum, instead of what was happening 15 years ago? – “classical” musicians are no longer limited to an orchestra, solo, or chamber music career.  – because of technology and all the platforms available to convey your own idea, project, or concept, nobody can hold you back. – that whatever you do in the arts can make a huge difference in any community, not just “big” cities or markets. It just depends on … Continue Reading


Hello again. Sorry for the delay; most of you know know the reasons by now. Many have reached out to me directly with messages of empathy and support. I’m extremely grateful for that. So here I am again, maybe writing less each time but more often. I hope someone reading this will occasionally pause and think. Or not think and just gain something from it. In the process of starting up again, we realized the old database was disabled. So if you’d like timely updates of any postings, please resubscribe in the … Continue Reading


I love writing for nondivisi and have cherished the opportunity to do so, however sporadic the content and quality have been. But with a heavy heart I must inform you that nondivisi is now on indefinite hiatus, due to a serious illness within my immediate family.

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Shameless Self-Promotion Dept.

Many people know I’m extremely fortunate to play on an incredible violin that’s gained even more notoriety over the past couple of years. One of the numerous challenges after it was stolen was to try and pick up where I left off artistically and otherwise, which in reality ended up being much more difficult than I’d anticipated. In any case, I’m happy to announce that tomorrow (May 6)  A Violin’s Life, Vol. 2 will be officially released, after a long and winding road.

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My Endless Summer

In 1979 I was 15 years old and not sure I wanted to play the violin anymore; I was in my hometown of San Diego coming off a hiatus of about a year or so. The only reason I was hanging in was because I’d just started with a new teacher who somehow intuitively knew that what I really needed was some quality guidance and a highly structured practice regimen. And maybe a summer of hard work. My mom drove me to the local auditions for BU’s Tanglewood Institute, but I had no idea how that summer would change my life.

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