About non divisi

Welcome to non divisi, a column primarily focusing on arts issues with an emphasis on music. You might ask why the world needs yet another online column or blog, and it’s a valid question. As the site evolves, hopefully an answer will be obvious one way or another.

Which reminds me- just to be clear, this is an opinion column, and is not necessarily reflective of the views or opinions of any of my employers or colleagues. However, they are invited to agree with me as often as possible.

For the time being, I’ll post something as often as I can or if I’m just trying to avoid practicing. I’ll try to stick to arts topics, but can’t rule out the occasional foray into food or physics or something else. Comments are encouraged – a healthy dialogue is always welcome, as are suggestions or ideas regarding this column. For various reasons, any comments will be limited in size and will be moderated prior to posting. Moderated, not censored……….

I’m flattered that many people have encouraged me to finally start a site like this, and look forward to seeing where it all leads. Hope you enjoy it-