Tick Tock

I figured I’d try to get one more post up this summer, which obviously wasn’t my most prolific as far as writing.

The situation in Detroit could eventually have a profound impact on anyone with an orchestra job- it’s sort of a perfect storm involving one of the country’s most esteemed ensembles. The outcome there could be a bellwether for the business in certain ways, and the whole situation is worth observing very closely.Much more knowledgeable people than I have written extensively on the subject, notably Drew McManus here. Mark Stryker has been covering it locally, with the latest grim update here. There are two official options on the table at the moment to deal with what is indeed a terrible financial crisis engulfing the DSO. Everyone seems to understand the need for sacrifice, but obviously neither proposal is great for either the musicians or patrons; it really gets down to the lesser of two (or three) evils. Personally, I was amazed at the DSO management’s threat to unilaterally impose it’s “Plan B” if the current contract expires with no new agreement (the current contract ends at midnight Sunday). I do understand the need for posturing in a negotiation, but “Plan B” is the probably the most draconian and destructive course the orchestra could possibly take artistically, and (to me) indicates a truly delusional mindset coming from a management that supposedly has the institution’s best interests at heart.

The musicians have set up an informative site here.

Let’s hope both sides can somehow find common ground and keep playing. There’s a lot at stake, and not just for that orchestra.

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