Link dump featuring DSO, YouTube, Dietmar, and Glenn Beck

It’s been an interesting few weeks in the classical music world, so here’s a quick rundown of some events that really got my attention. Starting with the Detroit Symphony, which reached a tentative contract agreement this week and actually went back to work today. Also notable was today’s interview with DSO music director Leonard Slatkin. But so far there are has been no public release of the actual details in the agreement.

Drew McManus explains some of the reasons here, but we’ll all wait and see. Personally, I’m wondering if the new contract involves some senior staff changes. Seems only fair, since the DSO has lost five musicians this season (and counting). Maybe the DSO administration could reciprocate, starting at the top? I won’t hold my breath.

This was an interesting piece discussing what professional orchestras might learn from the recent YouTube symphony concerts. I was particularly struck by the technological aspect of the whole enterprise, but especially the idea that the musicians themselves had more to offer than just sitting there and playing. Sound familiar?

Anyone familiar with the world of buying and selling stringed instruments will recognize the name of Dietmar Machold, who was recently arrested in Switzerland. There’s a sort of “tip of the iceberg” feel to all of this; some might remember him for his involvement with the NJSO/Axelrod instrument fiasco. Years ago I had my own interesting experience with Mr. Machold; I used to joke that he gave violin dealers a bad name, which is no small accomplishment.

On a happier note I saw that Glenn Beck’s show is ending. No more NEA insight from him, boo hoo. Still, something tells me he isn’t finished yet.

3 thoughts on “Link dump featuring DSO, YouTube, Dietmar, and Glenn Beck”

  1. I am thinking you are correct with regards to Glenn…he is not yet finished with this world…perhaps his “ending” has something to do with “staff changes”. Isn’t that always the case…We don’t renew, we recycle.

  2. Brass instruments are ridiculously cheap compared to what they charge for quality string instruments. Obviously part of it is the material and assembly, but from what I’ve heard, there are a lot of other elements at play. I never quite understood it!


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