Link dump and self-promotion update.

Just a quick post to highlight a few interesting news items and a Kickstarter update. First off, who would imagine that an erotic novel and the Tallis Scholars would have anything in common?

Also, apparently even severe dementia patients respond positively to various kinds of music. No information on whether certain performances and/or composers are definitively linked to specific forms of dementia.

Somebody found a “new” Vivaldi opera, and the Organizing Committee for the London Olympics thinks the musicians should all play for free, in contrast to everyone else that will work there. Unsurprising when one considers the routine pay scales for most of the (excellent) British orchestras.

Finally, my Kickstarter project is in its final week. We’re 2/3 of the way there, so I’m looking forward to all the last-minute activity. For all you backers thus far, sincere thanks for the help and enthusiasm. ¬†For the rest of you that are interested but still on the sidelines, now’s the time. I might be biased, but it’s a good project for all the right reasons, and you can even get a poster. What could be better? Thanks in advance….

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