End of season link dump.

Like most everyone in the orchestra business, I was happy to finish out this season with all its peaks and valleys. Personally I’m looking forward to a fairly quiet summer (with some exceptions) but in the meantime here are a few interesting articles just in case you’re tired of reading about Minnesota.

This article might interest all your friends that think you’re a crazy musician. And look, you can buy a concert hall in Nashville if you want.

Finish-signIf you have a birthday coming up, maybe read this first…..

If you’re tired of being polite up in MN you can read about how we all learned these words to describe the situation. Here’s why so many of us take a nap before a concert.

Don’t have time to read Ulysses this summer? Check this out.

Maybe you heard I have a new CD release. I think it’s pretty good and that everyone should buy it. No, really, you should.

Happy reading (or listening). More soon……


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