Starting Next Month, Neo Classical Will Have A New Voice


For more than three years it has been my pleasure to write Neo Classical here at The Partial Observer. Nevertheless, the time has come for a break and I’ll be taking a sabbatical for the next several months.

Fortunately, that doesn’t mean Neo Classical is going anywhere. In fact, during the time I’m away there will be another voice stepping in to fill the void. I think it will be refreshing for everyone to have an opportunity to hear about the future of classical music from a new perspective and throughout the coming months Neo Classical’s new caretaker will approach the future of classical music from the perspective of the ultimate insider, a professional orchestra violinist.

About Drew McManus

Regularly quoted as an industry expert in international newspapers and trade journals, arts consultant and industry expert Drew McManus has been involved with every aspect of nonprofit performing arts organizations. He has become one of the most unique individuals in this industry who is trusted and respected by administrators, academics, board members, music directors, musicians, and union officials alike. Mr. McManus was the original author of New Classical and during that time published 63 articles from February 2004 to May, 2007.

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