Junichi and the sad truth….

Both Bill and Drew have Junichi’s so called departure well covered.  The legacy he has left behind is a future for the orchestra.  His speaking out and standing with the musicians, essentially throwing himself under the proverbial bus, was the catalyst for no acceptance for a reduction in Orchestra personnel.  This means that that they do not have start completely over artistically.  Much damage has been done but the foundation remains, and I credit Junichi in large part for that.  There is a sad truth to what will probably happen next, and I have a challenge for the CSO and their next Music Director (who will have many challenges that is for certain!)…..

The sad truth?  Even with all that has happened, it wont be long before Junichi is a distant memory as there will be hundreds of applicants for the position of Music Director.  They probably already have many resumes to sift through.  No matter the circumstance we conductors want to work (I’m not applying).  It will be interesting to see if they hire a strong personality or as Drew puts it a yes man.  If they hire a yes man/woman, then it would be hard to imagine that person having strong opinions on tempi, musical style, interpretation etc… We all know what happens when a conductor follows an orchestra, everything grinds to a halt!  Then again, they might hire someone just to come in, conduct, leave and not talk to anyone!  Or might it be an up and coming star who needs a stepping stone so they wont do anything to potentially screw up their next opportunity.  Let’s hope it’s neither for the sake of an orchestra that needs to re-establish its narrative with their community.  Whatever happens it will be fascinating and my hope is that they will hire someone that promotes healing.

I have a suggestion for the organization and the next MD.  There are many bridges to mend so to take a page out of current events, perhaps to begin the healing process, look to what is happening with Obama considering Hillary as the next SOS (ironic initials) and consider doing something similar:

Hire Junichi as your Principal Guest Conductor!

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  1. After listening to the Columbus Symphony last Saturday, it makes me want to move to Japan. While the choir, soloists and orchestra all did well, the interpretation of the 9th was so safe that I know now that is what the powers that be want for the future of the Symphony. What a shame when we all loved Junichi. What a shame to fire such an artist with so much passion. Welcome back to the days of Evan Whallon.

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