The height of your success is determined by the depth of your foundation.. To wrap up what has been a fantastic opportunity to explore ideas, to have heated and deep discussions and some real fun, I first have to thank Drew McManus (Adaptistration) for this platform. Inside the Arts is a place to read, discuss and share thoughts and ideas with the many brilliant people who write on the forum and who read the forum. It has inspired me and will continue to do so. With a blog we are all given … Continue Reading

It’s proven, we’re smarter and cooler!

Also proven, these studies might make people hate us…. I have 2 pet peeves in our business that are related, the first I will give some detail to explaining, the second is pretty much self explanatory.  Pet Peeve #1: Why on earth do people when studies are released on the benefits of playing an instrument conclude that as musicians we are smarter, cooler, and more fun to be around, I mean what is the point of this other than to try and convince people who do not have musical talent or interest … Continue Reading

Actually only ONE thing needs to change about Classical Music Concerts

Baldur Brönnimann made waves with his 10 things he would change about concerts post, but he didn’t bring up the most important thing! So in October Baldur’s blog post went viral and not that this discussion shouldn’t take place, or that several of his ideas aren’t valid, however his list is mostly about current tastes and aesthetics and not structural change.  I will give my brief take on his 10 Things and then introduce my ONE thing that I believe really will make a difference.  It has very little to do with … Continue Reading