From Bill’s Perspective

[box type=”info”]A note from Inside The Arts Editor: Sticks and Drones officially retired on Tuesday, 1/26/2016. The About the Blog content below was applicable during the period when the blog was active (9/14/2007 – 1/26/2016); as such, thank you for taking that into consideration.[/box]

Welcome to Sticks and Drones. From my side this blog will be about life, music, and just about anything else that comes to mind – which will probably be food. I consider myself a dad and husband first, homo sapien sapien second, and then a lover of music and all related things. Though technically this blog is about conducting I suspect I will post very few things that would qualify as “conductor nerd.”

No “why doesn’t so-and-so take the 3rd movement tempo of whatever faster?” or “really I think the orchestration in this piece needs to be reworked to this” posts. More often the state of the music business, reflections on life traveling the world and hearing great orchestras play great music, and food will be the topic. Since I consider myself a pianist first and a conductor a very distant second there may be many ruminations on all things keyboard related. One thing any reader of this blog will need – a sense of humor. Goodness knows that as the father of two young boys this is an absolute necessity. Enjoy!

– Bill Eddins