Quick Takes: Irreplaceable? Turn up the Music and Turn off the Noise!

There is a free fall happening that is hard to get our collective heads around, and the infighting going on in orchestras is shutting out the most valuable and viable of voices, the audience.  Whether it’s a lockout (Indy), a force in (Jacksonville), a bankruptcy or a strike, the “why can’t we all just get along” cliche is actually appropriate for a very specific reason….

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Gentlemen/Ladies…Stop Your Engines…The INDY minus 500!

The true deficit in an organization in trouble is the one in leadership.  That is what ultimately turns a crack in the veneer into a fault line in the foundation.  This is what is happening in Indianapolis, and it’s the first thing that needs to be addressed.  Unfortunately the lack of leadership is working in favor for those who want to slash and burn.  But there is something a little different about this situation and something that can most definitely be done….

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