Workplace Hazards

A couple of days ago the Wall Street Journal published an interesting article regarding various issues that are sometimes specific to outdoor performances. It got me thinking of some of my own experiences over the years, and how challenging (and humorous) it can be to try and give a convincing performance under less-than-ideal circumstances. I’ve been trying to think of my top few (or bottom few) stories, but it’s hard to narrow it down. Some I’ve witnessed, some I’ve been involved in as a musician.

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Happy 4th

I know- two posts in one week, amazing. But it’s a holiday… Some people might disagree with this article, but I like the reference to burning a piano. And make sure to check out the video.

Fermata Terminus

My apologies for the lengthy silence, but things just sort of got out of hand towards the end of the season. With all those solos, Mahler 8, and the departure of our Music Director I could barely keep up with reading everyone’s Facebook status, much less post something here (or practice). And my stamp collection has just gone to hell.

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Lots of Towels

My younger brother is a drummer. Despite that fact, he’s actually a good musician who’s had a notable career mostly in the jazz/pop world. Barely into his 20s, one of his first gigs was in a trio with the pianist Michel Camilo. Years ago they played at a prominent festival in Japan a few days after Miles Davis had been there with his band (this would’ve been late 80s or so), and people were still talking about the concert, but not so much because of the playing.

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Dear President Obama

Dear President Obama,

I’m a violinist, and not particularly active politically; I don’t consider myself a Democrat. I tend to form my convictions and keep my perspective reasonably discreet, lest some zealot start yelling at me in a restaurant or something. But like millions of Americans, I’m relieved to finally sense that the endless incompetence, stupidity, and arrogance of the last eight years may be coming to an end, or at least that a new direction for the country is taking shape. I don’t envy you- I think The Onion got it right.

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