The Three B’s: Bach, Bacon, and Biscuits


Comfort food. Just saying the words Comfort Food conjures up images of simple joys, comforting flavors, memories of smells and tastes that may have traveled centuries within a family.

In planning for the upcoming Chattanooga Symphony & Opera chamber concert which will feature the Bach Concerto for Oboe and Violin (November 8th at 3PM at the Read House), it occurred to me that this is a form of comfort food for the soul.

Ideas about pairing this musical delicacy with an edible creation by Zeke Arter, owner of Maple Street Biscuit Company, began last season once the program was announced.

Maple Street Biscuit Company has been a popular gathering place for my CSO colleagues, board members, and symphony fans. One morning, a group of about 15 musicians and a board member were just finishing our breakfasts when Zeke surprised us with his newly concocted creation.

The Three Bs Bach Bacon and Biscuits

Piping hot Bach-on (bacon) Drops were presented and we sampled and enjoyed a preview tasting! These bite-sized morsels were made from biscuit dough, pecans, cinnamon, and crumbled bacon. Deep fried, the final product was a light and airy texture with a complex flavor marrying sweet, savory, and nutty. The icing on the cake was the icing on the morsel!

The Three Bs Bach Bacon and Biscuits

This bite-sized comfort food perfectly sums up what musicians find so comforting in Bach’s Oboe and Violin Concerto. No one voice dominates the other, but they support and complement each other. Like the ingredients in Zeke’s biscuit creation, the Bach has sweet and savory nods with a complex yet comforting backdrop.

In celebration of comfort food and comfort music, come to Maple Street Biscuit Company  (407 Broad St Chattanooga, TN, 37402) on November 7th at 7:00 PM. Several of my talented CSO friends will be sharing a number of Bach’s works and expressing what and why we find so comforting about Bach’s music.

In addition to the music selection, mention “CSO” at the register that evening and Zeke will offer a free sampling of his marvelous Bach-on Drops! Now that is a perfectly comforting evening and perhaps the perfectly enticing invitation to join us for the concert on November 8th where the entire Bach Concerto for Violin and Oboe will be performed.

About Holly Mulcahy

After hearing Scheherazade at an early age, Holly Mulcahy fell in love with the violin and knew it would be her future. She currently serves as concertmaster of the Wichita Symphony Orchestra. She spends her summers at the celebrated Grand Teton Music Festival. Believing in music as a healing and coping source, Holly founded Arts Capacity, a charitable 501(c)3 which focuses on bringing live chamber music, art, artists, and composers to prisons. Arts Capacity addresses many emotional and character-building issues people face as they prepare for release into society. Holly performs on a 1917 Giovanni Cavani violin, previously owned by the late renowned soloist Eugene Fodor, and a bespoke bow made by award winning master bow maker, Douglas Raguse.

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