Cultural Event: Old-Time Radio and Chamber MusicThree actors in front of microphones stand in front of a row of seated actors. Behind them is a woman operating sound effects with a wooden box. Behind her are three trombonists, a harpist, and a conductor. The photo was taken in the front of House Right.

(Pictured: Radio Players West with trombonists Reed Capshaw, Adam Moen, and Mark Fry)

On October 4th, Chamber Music on the Fox presented “Crime Classics” in Elgin, Illinois. They teamed up with local actors from Radio Players West for a wonderful performance of two radio dramas with music by Bernard Herrmann. (The same composer from seven Alfred Hitchcock films, including Psycho.)

The titles were “Death of a Picture Hanger” and ““Coyle and Richardson – Why They Hung in a Spanking Breeze”. They were performed exactly as you’d imagine old-time radio, complete with sound effects and all. Both dramas were scored for three trombones, and there was also harp on the second one.

If you’re in the Chicago Area, both of these groups are well worth checking out. Bravi, tutti!

Labor Event: Rally to Save the Chicago Reader

Rally in Downtown Chicago. The photo is taken behind approximately ten rows of protesters with signs gathering around Former Illinois Governor Pat Quinn. Behind him is an orange inflatable rat with a sign reading "RATS!!! No Contract from the Reader"

(Former Illinois Governor Pat Quinn speaking at the rally in front of an inflatable rat wearing a sign that says “RATS!!! No Contract from the READER”)

In October, I published this article advocating for your local newspaper. The impetus for the article was my interest in “Save the Chicago Reader”, an effort for the journalists of The Chicago Reader to reach a bargaining agreement with their employers. Later that week, there was a rally organized outside their offices.

Among the many people who spoke at this rally were Former Illinois Governor Pat Quinn; Chicago Aldermen Brendan Reilly, Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, and Ameya Pawar; Amy Levin and Ben Joravsky, of the Chicago Reader; and Grace Catania of the Chicago News Guild, the journalists’ union. Other labor organizations represented in solidarity including the Firefighters Union, SAG-AFTRA, and of course, the American Federation of Musicians.

Unfortunately, an agreement still has not yet been reached.

I’d like to again voice my encouragement to subscribe to our local and reliable alternative newspapers. The biggest news often comes from local sources first. And in light of our country’s President-Elect, who frequently voices a strong disdain for the press, they need our support now more than ever.

About Doug Rosenthal

No one told Douglas Rosenthal to give up playing music. Not even his patient siblings, who endured many early-morning practice sessions; even they encouraged their brother to follow his passion. As the years passed, that passion evolved from simply playing music to advocating for music, musicians, and music-lovers. Douglas is based in Washington, DC. He is the Assistant Principal Trombonist of the Kennedy Center Opera House Orchestra/Washington National Opera Orchestra. He currently makes his home on Capitol Hill in DC with a pug named Jake, who serves as a constant reminder to relax, eat well, and sleep plentifully.

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