Opera Orchestras in the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Working List

Anyone in the Classical Music Industry, or anyone connected to folks in the industry, has likely seen this widely-read article by classical tenor Zach Finkelstein on their social media newsfeeds. In a time when future paychecks for many in the opera world have seemed to evaporate overnight, this article reports and lauds opera companies that are making good on their word to their artists. Or at the very least, they’re doing whatever they can to make sure their artists aren’t getting nothing. When I read his article, I immediately shared the same … Continue Reading

Faun pug asleep on a navy blue couch. His head is face left, and his body is very smooshed.

Pausing for a Brief Intermission

Happy Monday, Dear Reader! Just a quick note to say I’ve decided to take a short break from posting here. No doubt 2019 will bring plenty to talk about, but for now I’m going to put my blogging on the back-burner. I look forward to returning to you with a fresh mind in the coming months. In the meantime, if you are a United States citizen…GO VOTE!! The results, for better or worse, will most likely have a big impact on the Classical Music Industry. Cheers, Doug

Protestors in front of the east side of the US Capitol Building. The Dome is to the left of the photo, and there is a boom mic on the right side in front of a leaveless tree. The sky is completely blue.

Midterm Limericks (November 6th!)

So often when I turn on my phone, To see what the news has shown. I shake my head, I don’t like what I’ve seen and read, I reach for my nearest Côte du Rhone. But really the news makes think, About all the things that can happen in a blink. Nonprofits hurt by so-called tax reform, Survivors of sexual assault disrespected and mocked in a Tweetstorm, Everything but–no, including–the kitchen sink. It certainly has been a long couple of years, Full of real stuff that was once just fears. There are … Continue Reading

A completed maze. Gray backdrop, white lines, and a red line that goes from a point on the left to an arrowhead on the right. A hand holds a pen over the arrowhead. Crumpled white pieces of paper surround the maze.

Progress Isn’t Linear

Happy Labor Day, friends! I know, I know…many of us wonder if it really is a Happy Labor Day. Take for instance Janus v. AFSCME, the recent Supreme Court decision that allowed a public employee to forgo paying his union dues. Even though his wages and working conditions have been achieved through his union. Sigh. But I’m here to say that this is actually a Happy Labor Day! Recent events have brought us some pretty exciting stuff, and anyone who is interested in democracy, better workplaces, better education, more capable government leaders, … Continue Reading

A flock of ducks in ripply, clear dark blue water. The ducks are all black and white except for a mallard in the center. He is facing to our right, and his right side is parallel to us. He has an orange beak, green head, and brown chest.

Keeping our NEAttention

There is so much competing for our attention right now. Breaking News after Breaking News, Click-Bait after Click-Bait… I don’t mean to add to the hysteria, but… Did you know the National Endowment for the Arts was at risk of a significant cut in funding recently? No? That’s understandable. In a time when children are locked in cages at the border. When much of Puerto Rico remains unrestored ten months after Hurricane Maria. When people who worked for our President’s election campaign are behind bars for their actions with foreign entities. How … Continue Reading

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