Midterm Limericks (November 6th!)


So often when I turn on my phone,
To see what the news has shown.
I shake my head,
I don’t like what I’ve seen and read,
I reach for my nearest Côte du Rhone.

But really the news makes think,
About all the things that can happen in a blink.
Nonprofits hurt by so-called tax reform,
Survivors of sexual assault disrespected and mocked in a Tweetstorm,
Everything but–no, including–the kitchen sink.

It certainly has been a long couple of years,
Full of real stuff that was once just fears.
There are children at the boarder in cages,
And many who can’t make liveable wages.
Also, that new Supreme Court Justice who likes beers.

It’s not just that he drank,
Or has won the approval of those who questionably have lots in the bank.
It’s the fact that around crucial questions he darted,
And that FBI investigation was so half-hearted,
It made us feel like social justice progress sank.

We must remember though that amidst all this terrible sleaze,
It’s hard to see the forest from the trees.
Our President might act like a spoiled child,
So selfish, so awful, so wild.
But there has actually been progress with arts agencies.

The National Endowment for the Arts has seen some more money,
And the impact of Arts and Culture on our economy has been quite sunny.
Even though the President doesn’t show a care,
There are people in Washington who gave us our share.
Congress can actually make this happen–not trying to be funny.

It’s common in a midterm election,
To stay home instead of voice your objection.
But politics are federal AND local,
The state and municipal level is often where the action is focal.
November 6th we’re all counting on you to go to your polling place to make your selection.

Where is your polling place,
This thing that I seem to so fervently embrace?
Click on this link,
Give yourself plenty of time to think.
Before November 6th, make sure you have researched each and every race!Protestors in front of the east side of the US Capitol Building. The Dome is to the left of the photo, and there is a boom mic on the right side in front of a leaveless tree. The sky is completely blue.

About Doug Rosenthal

No one told Douglas Rosenthal to give up playing music. Not even his patient siblings, who endured many early-morning practice sessions; even they encouraged their brother to follow his passion. As the years passed, that passion evolved from simply playing music to advocating for music, musicians, and music-lovers. Douglas is based in Washington, DC. He is the Assistant Principal Trombonist of the Kennedy Center Opera House Orchestra/Washington National Opera Orchestra. He currently makes his home on Capitol Hill in DC with a pug named Jake, who serves as a constant reminder to relax, eat well, and sleep plentifully.

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