William Tell’s All

Scandal. Surprisingly enough it involves an opera production in Europe. I’m SHOCKED!

The Royal Opera has seen fit to go the way of Game of Thrones. Anyone who knows me will not be surprised at the low esteem in which I hold the later, so this is certainly not a compliment. Gratuitous rape scenes (which, come to think of it, are pretty much all of them) are… well, gratuitous. My personal reaction is that whoever thought this one was a good idea should be run out of town. Period.

Fortunately there are folks who are a whole lot more eloquent on the subject than I am. My colleague, Viswa Subbaraman, has quite eloquently spoken on this subject. Please read it, all of it. I shall leave the last word to him –

We aren’t a perfect society yet, but the beauty of humanity is that we can constantly improve. We’re slowly ridding the world of slavery. Women are starting to reach a more equal status, but we have a long way to go. Perhaps that is the discussion we are meant to take from ROH’s William Tell. I may not like the way they said it, but perhaps it’s the conversation we should have. They took an artistic risk, and for that I’m thankful.


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  1. Well, Bill and Viswa – I think you both MIGHT have missed the European production of IDOMENEO set in a radicalized muslim stronghold where there were spiked heads on spear shafts all around the place. That certainly provoked some comment. And TO MOZART no less! Viswa – your Humanity is showing!!

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