Reinventilating – More ASS in clASSical!

It’s been an extended break from posting with 20 performances in the last month, now on Christmas Day looking back at articles from the last few weeks, I came across yet another bright spark who has hit upon what ails Classical Music….it needs a reinvention!  Yawn….Here we go again…..

More ASS in clASSical: The secret to enlightenment….BEER!

How could we have missed it, the answer to what ails Classical Music is in fact…..ale!  If all else fails then isn’t alcohol always the answer….hmmm.  This according to Louise Jury the “chief arts correspondent” for the London Evening Standard, which I remember as the paper (when I was a student in London) I never needed to buy simply because no one commuting home (it is sold outside tube stations) would ever keep it, so I always had my choice of copies to read!  Again here we go with the inane and … Continue Reading

A colleague joins the fight against Putting the ASS in clASSical!

Just a quick post this week about possibly the most insanely ridiculous idea to attract the very young to music I have ever read about!  Take random noises, mix it in with a debunked theory and add screaming children….presto MUSIC IS SAVED!  A blogger hit this one out of the park, we need to to start calling out these ridiculous programs….

More ASS in clASSical – Unexplain This!

So I’m late in getting to the widely panned Philly marketing campaign Unexpect Yourself.  Now to their credit it has created a lot of buzz in the blogosphere but whether it translates into sales and repeat business….well time will tell.  What marketing in general seems to lack is creating a connection to relevancy with this and many other tag lines going for a just try it kind of E Harmony vibe.  There is an incredible study out there that marketers should take note of that is not sexy but is relevant and … Continue Reading

More ASS in clASSical – Off their “Rockers”

The bar keeps lowering, but in this case it’s the whammy bar! It seems the lack of marketing creativity is so prevalent that it in itself is becoming creative! It’s time to be in awe of the latest believe it or not marketing connection being made between Pop and Classical, so strap on a plastic Guitar with 5 buttons to get those $70 Symphony seats sold!……..

YO!!…We put the ASS in clASSical!

Time for a rant!  The obsession with attracting the younger audience, making music cool and hip with hip advertising, funky clothes and punky billboards is the same as trying to sell a Yugo by putting a great stereo in it.  After a while they will realize what it is and buy a bicycle and an ipod because it will go faster!   Worse, it might be discrimination….

Actually only ONE thing needs to change about Classical Music Concerts

Baldur Brönnimann made waves with his 10 things he would change about concerts post, but he didn’t bring up the most important thing! So in October Baldur’s blog post went viral and not that this discussion shouldn’t take place, or that several of his ideas aren’t valid, however his list is mostly about current tastes and aesthetics and not structural change.  I will give my brief take on his 10 Things and then introduce my ONE thing that I believe really will make a difference.  It has very little to do with … Continue Reading

The Super Bowl; or What’s Wrong With Classical Music

Like millions of Americans, and indeed hundreds of millions of people worldwide, I look forward to the Super Bowl every year, even if there’s not a chance in hell that my Buffalo Bills will be playing in it (again). It’s one of those cultural rituals that interrupts the long and ghastly winter, and it’s a convenient excuse to overdose on wings and guacamole. This year, of course, there is an added reason to look forward to the big game because Renée Fleming is singing the national anthem. And then the haters come … Continue Reading