So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish

Beginning Monday September 15th, Scanning the Dial is going to kick into a new gear, thanks to my colleague Joe Goetz.  Joe recently became the  Music Director at WFIU in Bloomington, IN.  He’s a professional musician and accomplished radio producer and, more importantly, an energetic  member of the younger generation of classical radio professionals.  I’m delighted to pass the torch. You’ll read more about Joe in his first post on Monday. In the meantime, I want to say mille grazie.  Not just for reading these bloggy chicken scratches, but especially for airing the Chicago Symphony broadcasts, America’s Music Festivals, and my various other productions.  You made these … Continue Reading

Adding classical in Wilmington NC

Station WQHR in Wilmington is getting ready to go to 24 hours of classical music 1t 5:30 pm on September 16th.  The link to The non-commercial, around-the-clock station will join the newly expanded non-commercial news and information station 91.3 FM WHQR News. The classical signal frequency and full program grids for both stations will be announced Sept. 16 by news release and at Tuesday’s news release said the classical station will feature Jemila Ericson, Pat Marriott, favorite syndicated programs “and music, music, music.” …We hope both our classical fans and our news and … Continue Reading

Atlanta Brouhaha Heats Up

As I reported last week, WRAS in Atlanta has agreed to simulcast Georgia Public Broadcasting content in the Atlanta area, where until now WABE has been the sole public NPR station.  This new agreement duplicates NPR’s flagship shows in the Atlanta area.  In the past, NPR had rules about duplication in a market, and they would facilitate negotiation between competing stations.  On the other hand, Seattle and Albuquerque, just to mention two, have had duplication of NPR shows for years, and the stations still manage to stay in business. From Rodney Ho at the blog In … Continue Reading

New Hampshire PubRadio Acquires Small Classical Station

From Current: New Hampshire Public Radio is purchasing WCNH-FM, a 250-watt classical station that has been broadcasting from the state network’s Concord studios for two years. WCNH started as a low-power FM airing classical music in 2000, and later upgraded to a full-power FM.  In 2012, WCNH moved into NHPR’s studios, and now they are asking NHPR to take over the station.  Scott McPherson, on NHPR says we recognized an opportunity to continue to operate Classical New Hampshire on a frequency in the Concord market.” NHPR expects a decision from the FCC … Continue Reading

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