Do You Kiss Your Donors With That Mouth?

Do You Kiss Your Donors With That Mouth?

Just days after I won an orchestra position after a grueling audition, a phone call was scheduled for me to speak with the orchestra’s executive director to discuss the new job. Not two minutes into the conversation she told me to hang on and then proceeded to holler the following to someone else in her office: “Hey! We’re all going over to Hooter’s for some chicken wings…I’ll be there soon, K? And, hey, get me a margarita, but only if the waitress isn’t the bitchy one.” This was my first impression of … Continue Reading

Perspectives of Love and Hope

Perspectives of Love and Hope

It’s easy for me to write about my perspective during my performances in the prison. I share my point of view and snippets from prisoner surveys along with their quotes taken during our two-way discussions after each piece is performed. For the latest recital, I invited two composers and a few guests from the community to join me. I also asked a few of them to share their unique perspectives and thoughts to add a different vantage point: The surveys from the prisoners again and again revealed the importance and impact of … Continue Reading

Sharing Love and Hope Through Music

The first time I performed in prison we discovered prisoners put great value in sharing their opinions. They knew their thoughts would be shared directly with the composers of the works they heard and that made them feel like their opinions mattered. The second time I performed in prison we gained a deeper appreciation for the power of music, especially contemporary music. Hearing directly from the prisoners how new works evoked emotions and thoughts helped shape the planning for the third prison performance. The theme of the third performance was chosen by … Continue Reading

It’s More Than Wearing Pretty Shoes

“And here I thought all you did was walk out in pretty shoes and tune the orchestra!” That patron’s statement caught me by surprise while I was explaining details of my job as concertmaster. It turns out many people don’t know much about what a concertmaster does! So, I’ve asked a few concertmaster friends from around the country to share some of their thoughts to help illustrate a more dynamic description of the job. After all, while it’s nice people notice the pretty shoes, there is a lot more to the job … Continue Reading

Do you need a prerequisite to enjoy classical music

Do you need a prerequisite to enjoy classical music?

A while back I posted on Facebook that I felt the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto needed a time out. One of the commenters on that post said, “Yes, but it’s such a great first time listener’s work. After they listen to that then they can go on and enjoy other works.” A few others chimed in saying similar things, and the discussion revealed the viewpoint of many veteran classical music listeners. They were actively prejudging how newcomers should start into the art of orchestral music. I completely object to this! Since when do … Continue Reading

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