Concert Master Connections

The Three R’s: Radio, Restaurants, & Rhythm

Starting work as the new concertmaster of The Chattanooga Symphony & Opera (CSO) meant hitting the ground running. First order of business was to be a guest on CSO Music Director Kayoko Dan’s radio show, Chat Symphony Hour; which serves as a sincere connection to a community and a fun way to share musical ideas and interests with listeners. Radio When I found out that the radio station was a dedicated classical music radio station, I was inwardly doing jumps for joy. Maybe I’m biased, but since I grew up in a … Continue Reading

Concertmaster Connections Introduction

Concertmaster Connections: An Introduction

Whenever a new neighbor would move into a house on our block, my mother would bake some cookies or some bread, walk over with the edibles and welcome the new people to the neighborhood. One year she insisted I come along, which was torture because I was shy. I remember asking her, “Why do this when nobody did it when we moved in?” It turns out that others might have been shy, too. I’m grateful that my mom made me tag along that day because it taught me the importance of reaching … Continue Reading