The Rite Reward

Big journeys take preparation, patience, and perseverance, and finishing my first year with the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera was no different. Our last concert of the season was a challenging program: Shostakovich Cello Concerto #1 and Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring. The Rite of Spring is not the easiest of pieces to pull off, but Chattanooga Symphony nailed it beautifully. The amount of personal preparation can take months of studying scores, listening to recordings, watching YouTube videos, and of course individual practice. At the first rehearsal everyone summoned their personal ground work and … Continue Reading

Snow Day, Snow Hill, and Symphonic Solutions

It’s been a long, long winter for just about everyone in the country. The “Polar Vortex” blamed for the freezing temperatures, snow, and ice impacted so many! But it’s these weather challenges that create memorable situations; during my weeks in Chattanooga, the snow and cold brought out the best in everyone. Snow Hill The one of the many cool things the board members and administration of the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera have is the ability to enjoy and appreciate all kinds of music. When I was invited to come enjoy a bluegrass … Continue Reading

Concertmaster Connections: Caffeine, Conversations, and Christmas Concerts

Caffeine, Conversations, and Christmas Concerts

“Admits to using caffeine” was what I read in my file while at the doctor’s for a checkup. Seeing that written down in such an official capacity made me feel like an addict! But I was informed it was simply a formality. What-ever! But I do admit to a problem; the problem is there are so many fine coffee roasters and coffee shops in the city of Chattanooga it’s hard to know where to start. Finding some enablers, er, friends from the orchestra and audience wasn’t too hard.  Apparently many suffer from … Continue Reading

Tourists Treasures and Time

Tourists, Treasures, and Time

Inviting my parents to come to one of my concerts this season was a something I’d looked forward to for months. Of course I was excited for them to see the orchestra, but I was equally excited to introduce them to the remarkable city of Chattanooga. In many cases, one can say all the nice things they want about a place, but until it is experienced in person, it really doesn’t mean as much. This was the case for Chattanooga and my parents. I had told them how lovely the river front … Continue Reading

Bags, Boutiques, and Bach (and an emergency shopping trip!)

Bags Upon arriving in Chattanooga’s airport over the weekend, I found out my luggage didn’t make it. The possibility of getting the luggage on a later flight was slim but I held out hope. Worst case scenario would be I would just have to pick up a new shirt and a few small items to hold me over. But Murphy’s Law was being observed, and the flight my luggage that was redirected on was canceled. All of my clothes and concert attire was not going to arrive to me until 48 hours … Continue Reading