CBC cuts classical; Kansas station airs taped local concerts; N.Y. host retires

More goings-on in the news:

Commenter Chris asked us to pay attention to happenings across the border at the Canadian Broadcasting Corp., so here you go. CBC is cutting back on classical music aired during its weekday schedule in favor of more pop, rock and alternative. The move is aimed at attracting more listeners to the service, reports the CBC’s own website. (More in the Globe and Mail.)

The network points out that it’s launching an all-classical Web stream at the same time. I’m curious to see how unhappy classical fans take that news. With so much radio listening still taking place in cars, the announcement of a Web stream to replace a beloved but ailing music format can strike unhappy listeners as inadequate.

WAMU in Washington, D.C., took similar steps years ago when it dropped bluegrass from its weekday lineup. The Web stream it launched, BluegrassCountry.org, has become quite popular. You can even hear it in your car—if you have an HD radio. It’s now one of WAMU’s HD streams. How’s digital radio coming along in Canada? Would CBC consider creating an all-classical HD channel as well?

Elsewhere, Kansas Public Radio in Lawrence is airing performances recorded at Kansas University’s Lied Center. The Ahn Trio and the Claremont Trio lead things off. (Kansas City InfoZine)

Mordecai Lipshutz, a longtime host at WXXI-FM in Rochester, N.Y., signed off yesterday. “Lipshutz’s booming bass voice conveyed a certain joviality and enthusiasm for the music he played—which was usually upbeat, especially during drive time,” says the Democrat and Chronicle.

And WFIU-FM in Bloomington, Ind., has released Beautiful Baroque, “a collection
of timeless baroque music for weddings and other special occasions.”

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