A New Year, Some New Jobs Open!

I hope everyone has had a safe and happy holiday season.  I just got back from a week-long visit to the in-laws in in Boulder, Colorado.  My out-of-shape ski legs toughed it out through a day at Winter Park, and my wife and I found out (thanks to some blue balloons put in a box by my sister-in-law) that our first baby, due in May, is a boy!  Very exciting times.  I promise I’ll do my best not to gush about the baby when it comes, lest this turn into a baby blog.

As we look toward a new year, there are several job openings in the world of classical music broadcasting.  WHQR in Wilmington, North Carolina, has an opening for a full-time classical music host.  Arizona Public Media, based at the University of Arizona in Tucson, has an opening for a part-time classical music host (19 hours per week maximum – not ideal for some folks, but potentially perfect for others).

Maybe the most unique position I’ve seen posted comes from a couple of hours down the road from me in Louisville, Kentucky.  WUOL is hiring a full time Classical Host / Education Programs Manager.  This sounds like a job with a lot of potential for community outreach in addition to its on-air component.  And you’d get to work with Daniel Gilliam, who I’ve met a few times at PRPD conferences and seems like a great guy (and he’s a composer, too!).

Best wishes to everyone for the new year!

About Joe Goetz

Joe Goetz is Music Director for WFIU 103.7 FM in Bloomington, Indiana, and has eleven years of experience hosting and producing classical music programming for public radio. While completing his B.A. in Music at Colorado College in Colorado Springs, CO, Joe worked part time as a classical music host at KCME 88.7 FM. Following graduation, he worked as a classical music host and producer at Vermont Public Radio, developing new and engaging programming in addition to programming and hosting a daily afternoon air shift. He is an accomplished pianist with several chamber music performances to his credit, an occasional choir singer, and an avid golfer. He lives with his wife, Meghann, their son William, daughter Allison, and cats Ollie and Blanche.

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