The height of your success is determined by the depth of your foundation.. To wrap up what has been a fantastic opportunity to explore ideas, to have heated and deep discussions and some real fun, I first have to thank Drew McManus (Adaptistration) for this platform. Inside the Arts is a place to read, discuss and share thoughts and ideas with the many brilliant people who write on the forum and who read the forum. It has inspired me and will continue to do so. With a blog we are all given … Continue Reading

Mad Mad Men…. putting the Con in Contra

For our Mad Men tribute I came across a real head scratcher.  It is hard to believe that the New York Times prints such dreck sometimes, but that they did when an article was posted with the hypothetical argument to turn the video game Guitar Hero into Orchestra Hero.  This is an ASS in clASSical instant classic…..

Response to Joe: Bursting the Programming Bubble…on the road again!

Joe over on Butts in Seats challenged our blogging community regarding programming and Bill as usual hit a slam dunk. My take is that we place too much faith in programming as being the answer to our woes when the real problems lie in the attitudes and motivations behind the programming.  This notion we have to be ahead of the curve, ahead of our time, ahead of the audience might make some in the biz feel good, but it actually can make us less relevant and appear desperate which could end up … Continue Reading

Belated thanks…and a suggestion!

It occurred to me today that I didn’t realize when writing my post on Nov 5 commenting on the election, that it was Stick and Drones one year anniversary! I looked back these past few days browsing through some different posts and especially the comments.  I can’t tell you how exhilarating the journey has been so far….

Marketing Managers – Take Note!….

In class last week we discussed marketing to the younger generations. For the those who have read this blog, you will know my feelings on the ridiculous gimmicks and tricks that organizations try to use to get the “young” to concerts. If you don’t know my feelings then click here! My students and I give their take in two clips below…someone airs some frustration, and there are some great ideas particularly with new media….

“All White on the Night”!….

There’s a vitriolic war of words going on across the pond in Great Britain over this statement made by the Arts Minister Margaret Hodge: “The audiences for many of our greatest cultural events – I’m thinking of the Proms but it is true of many others – is still a long way from demonstrating that people from different backgrounds feel at ease in being part of this.” She is being torn apart for this, but there is a balanced and profound viewpoint that I came across……



Well, it’s happened. You’ve squandered another perfectly good practice session by reading this blog. The good news is that it’s the last time you’re going to be able to blame me for missing that F sharp 9 diminished arpeggio, because we’re shutting down Sticks&Drones. The bad news is that the music in front of you has still got to be learned, and now you have one fewer excuse to get it done. Despite our best efforts I’m really wondering if S&D had any kind of impact on the profession that we love. Looking across … Continue Reading