Comings, Goings, and Opportunities

Time for another round-up of personnel news in classical broadcasting.  If you know of any other news or job postings, please add them to the comments section! 2014 has been a time of transition at KMFA in Austin, Texas.  Music director (and early music specialist) Sara Hessel announced her impending departure in the spring, and not long after, the station abruptly dismissed program director Cheryl Dring.  Both positions have been replaced, although one has a new title.  John Clare, a veteran of several stations (and a victim of the mass layoffs at … Continue Reading

Classical Music: Relaxing or Stimulating…or Both?

The most important classical music presentation at this year’s Public Radio Program Directors conference involved the results of a survey conducted by Coleman Insights, presented by Joe Eskola, Director of Research at Minnesota Public Radio and American Public Media.  It was a lengthy presentation, and I’ve delve into it in more detail in a later post, but I can distill some of the more pertinent findings here with a few bullet points: The greatest potential for classical music audience growth is in a younger and ethnically diverse demographic. Of those that DO … Continue Reading

New Classical Station in Wilmington, NC

It’s always great to see public radio stations invested in bringing classical music to their audiences through terrestrial radio signals (as opposed to online-only or HD-2 channels).  WHQR is a small station that has been operating for thirty years in Wilmington, North Carolina, and they recently launched a 24 hour classical music service.  It’s a small signal (250  99 watts), but it covers a fairly dense population center, according to this map from The station will provide 22 hours of locally-hosted programming per week, along with WXXI’s With Heart and Voice, … Continue Reading

An Introduction to Your New Blogger

Greetings, Scanning the Dial readers and fans of classical music on public radio!  I’m really delighted to be taking the reins from Marty, who has done such a great job over the years keeping all of us informed about the goings-on in what is, admittedly, a small (but important) niche in the world of media.  So thank you, Marty, and also thanks to Emily Kurlinski, who recommended that I carry the torch onward into the future. First things first.  Marty introduced me as a “professional musician,” which is flattering, but a bit … Continue Reading

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