Always A Good Sign When Survey Respondents Crash Your Website

Some encouraging news for all you data hungry folks. The special Covid-19 version of the Culture Track survey I mentioned last week launched today…but only for some communities. Apparently there was such a large last minute surge of interest in participating (thank to my blog post, I am sure) that they realized their servers could … Read more

Get Legit Data About Covid-19’s Influence On Your Audience

N.B. I just noticed the deadline to apply to participate in end of day, Thursday, April 23 so if you have an interest, send an email to Matthew Jenetopulos listed at the bottom of the Culture Track page. Long time readers of the blog know that I am a big fan of the results of … Read more

How Long Before You Can Only Participate If You Bring A Phone?

I was scanning an article on Arts Professional website and might have quickly moved on except the phrase “not for someone like me” caught my eye. That was a phrase that appeared in the last CultureTrack survey as a barrier to participation for people who didn’t normally attend arts events. In the case of the … Read more